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Save up to 20% OFF Awakening Tickets at Wynn!
Fees: $21 per ticket and 9% live entertainment tax.
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Awakening Tickets at the Wynn Las Vegas!
Note: Fees of $21 per ticket and 9% live entertainment tax will apply.

Awakening, invites the audience to join the quest of our beautiful heroine and her two fellow travelers as they seek to restore beauty and love to the world. Travel with them and experience worlds never before seen on their journey in a 360-degree theater custom designed for Awakening. Infused with modern day myth and magic, Awakening comes to life through a combination of dramatic choreography, technology, fantastic creatures, and a custom sound system designed to showcase its breathtaking original musical score.

Show Times:
Sunday & Monday at 7:00pm
Tuesday, Friday & Saturday at 7:00pm and 9:30pm
Location: Awakening Theater at Wynn Las Vegas