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We love it here
Nick: Genny
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: August, 2014
My husband, I and kids have taken many vacations in Vegas. We stayed at the mgm grand, madalay bay, bellagio, circus circus and our favorite Vdara. A hotel without a casino inside but two casinos within a few minutes walk. So you do most of the times have a quiet stay due to no casinos, unless there is some event going on (check ahead before booking). Lower prices, the best customer service.
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Very Clean Room but...............
Nick: Joan
From: Wisconsin
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: September, 2011
The room was excellent in cleanliness and comfort. The housekeeper was great although I didn't see her at all because I was leaving early in the morning to attend a conference. I was just disappointed with the sizes of the pools, it gets crowded right away because of the small size. Never had the chance to sit by the pool. There is no shopping stores like other hotels. They also charge 100 dollars per night for security deposit which I think is too much even you paid your stay in full already. It's like they don't trust their customers so they have to hold the customer's money in advanced just in case customer breaks something in the room?

In short, if all you want is to sleep in a quiet and comfy place, Vdara is the right place, but that's all you get. No fancy restaurants or shops. All you get is a nice room.
Liked: excellent room
Dis-Liked: no shops and small pools. Only a small cafeteria and bar.
Recommended activities: Business meeting / Event, Other
Recommended for: Older travelers
Would you recommend to your best friend? Probably not
Check out the security deposit policy before you book in any hotel. Wear flat shoes or flip flops for girls if you plan on walking around the strip. It's a long walk.
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I don't know what hotel this other person stayed at...
Nick: The Dude
From: Bay Area, CA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: July, 2011
...but or stay at Vdara was AWESOME. The market inside is fairly priced for cheap breakfasts and you can purchase breakfast items to cook in your room or buy food to BRING TO THE POOL. Daybeds with full shaded canopies that cost $300 at other hotels on the strip only cost $50 Monday-Thursday and there is NO FOOD AND BEVERAGE MINIMUM. We stayed each day at the pool, ate and drank the entire time from Noon to 7PM and paid an average of $120 total with gratuity included. Not once was the music loud or overbearing. The only complaint is the amount of kids in the pool which isn't the hotel's fault, it's the fault of moronic parents who think for whatever hairbrained reason that Vegas is a good place to bring kids. Well it's not folks. If you have kids stay at Circus Circus or Excalibur. Seriously, do you think a pool full of couples looking for a romantic day at the pool want to hear your screaming brat for 7 hours and get near your kid's pamper water? So inconsiderate to others and absolutely GROSS. Other than retarded parents, you are within walking distance to Aria and minutes from the strip if you cut through the Aria casino and mall. Overall the room was awesome, I asked for a free upgrade and got a nice corner suite even though I paid $82 on, the food is great and the bar is wonderful to hang out. They even had a free wine tasting and mingle on the Wednesday. Again, this is a singles and couples hotel. If you have screaming brats please stay the hell away and let everyone else have a PEACEFUL VACATION.
Liked: The hotel location, room amenities and cleanliness, kitchen, fridge, huge tub, reasonably priced market in the lobby, cheap pool amenities and excellent food & drinks.
Dis-Liked: Screaming kids running around the pool in wet pampers, when 99% of the other people there were couples or singles trying to enjoy a romantic mood and evening.
Recommended activities: Beach / Sun, Great food / Wine, Atmosphere, Gambling / Casinos, Shopping, Other
Recommended for: Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Girlfriend getaway, Great pool scene
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
Vdara Pool Tip!
Pre-book your $50 daybeds Monday - Thursday in the summertime. This rate is unheard of at any other Strip hotel which will charge you $300 just for the daybed. At Vdara's pool you can lounge, eat and drink all day and walk out with a $100 bill after a 20% tip. That's $200 extra you now have to spend on the girls at Treasures Gentlemen's Club. ;)
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Vdara Pool Deck Music is Deafening
Nick: oahu no ka oi
From: Honolulu, HI
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Stayed: May, 2011
If you want a relaxing day at the pool, chatting with friends, reading a book, or taking a nap you won't get it at the Vdara Hotel and Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pool deck radio is played at deafening levels. What's more. I was staying in a 9th floor, Deluxe Pool View Suite and got no sleep. When the pool closes at 6pm, the pool cleaning crew comes on board and plays the radio at night club levels. After two days of this 24/7 loud music my hands were literally shaking. I left the hotel days early. Management provided neither remorse, nor compensation.
Liked: the day I left it
Dis-Liked: everything from the day I arroved
Recommended activities: Other
Would you recommend to your best friend? No way!
Pool Deck Music at Vdara is Deafening
stay at the Four Seasons, or Wynn for a truely relaxing stay
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