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Beware of room "bait and switch"
Nick: Ladame5
From: Canada
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: March, 2012
We had booked two rooms at the Venetian for a three-day stay. When we checked in, the clerk said he would try to get us connecting rooms, then said that was not possible, but he could offer us two rooms close together with a view of the strip. We said that sounded fine. We were very surprised, upon checking out, that we had been charged an "upgrade fee" of $50 per night per room. When I protested to a manager that we had neither been offered nor accepted an upgrade, and that we certainly had not been told that the rooms we were given were going to cost $50 more than the ones we had booked (had we been told, we would have declined them), she produced the sheets we had signed at check-in (during the signing of which the clerk had kept asking us questions about where were we from, how was our flight, etc., which made it impossible to concentrate on reading the sheet), which listed, amidst a full page of fine print and in hard-to-find format, the higher room charges, and said the view of the strip constituted the "upgrade." I continued to protest and she finally agreed to remove the extra charges for one night, as well as the mandatory extra resort fee of $20 per room per night for all three nights, thus leaving us an extra $80 out of pocket instead of $300. Her reaction, however, made clear that this "bait and switch" is fairly standard practice at the Venetian, so we will not be staying there again.
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Wonderful One Night Stay
Nick: purplevalentine
From: Mount Rainier, MD
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Stayed: August, 2008
First stay at this hotel and I absolutely LOVED IT! I had a regular Venetian Luxury King Suite for 1 night. Extra large room with a sunken living room area, large picture windows with electronic drapes, flat screen tv's (even one in the bathroom) and an extra comfy bed. I was on the 14th floor and had views of the mountains. I was extremely pleased with the room as I have been with the hotel in it's self , especially with the $101 per night deal I got. If you get a good deal you definitely won't be disappointed!
Liked: Large Spacious Room
Recommended activities: Shopping
Recommended for: An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Older travelers
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
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Keep your belongings in a safe place
Nick: bullet444
From: Niagara Falls
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Stayed: September, 2008
I stayed at the Venetian for 5 nights. The suite was fantastic,the casino nice and we were happy with our visit. The downside was that my girlfriend had a make up item stolen from the room. Although the item was not a valuable item, it was the fact that someone went in and took something that was a personel item. We called the front desk and was told to go to security and file a report. I suspect this type of theft occurs quite frequently and many guests would not go through the amount of paperwork for such an item. However we decided to file a report anyways. I can speak for myself that such an item being taken I couldnt care less, but when someone goes into a womens make up bag and takes something without their permission, they feel violated. The Hotel management staff wasnt apologetic or offer a replacement of the item. This item was not dropped or misplaced it was stolen. I emailed the venetian looking for a follow up on the incident and received their standard nice reply of "to go and f... myself" and call the lost and found department.

Overall a nice place to stay, but keep a close eye on the cleaning staff
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What a great and fun place!
Nick: dona
From: Beth, MD
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Stayed: April, 2008
This was my first trip to Vegas with my boyfriend and I was quite excited to finally go. We stayed for 5 days and it was an amazing experience.

Our suite was large with a great view, and although the casino and lobby area are a bit noisy (you can expect that) in the rooms its total silence. The hotel itself is amazing and quite big so I do recommend you prepare yourself for some walking (bring comfy shoes).

As for the shops I think they were quite expensive and not exactly our cup of tea. But still overall we had such a great time and i'm sure we will be back again on our next vacation to Vegas.
Liked: Room are huge
Dis-Liked: Shops are expensive
Recommended activities: Great food / Wine, Atmosphere, Shopping
Recommended for: An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
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