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Forget It!
From: diane
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: September, 2015
Bathrooms are old and rusty. Hotel staff ignore you. Everything is over priced!
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Not Bad for the Money
Nick: countrygirl
From: North Carolina
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Stayed: September, 2013
I just got back from a week long stay in Vegas and we (four ladies) shared a room at the Flamingo. The room was clean and neat. Not opulent like some of the more expensive hotels, but I didn't expect that with the price we paid. We got a special price thru and it was great. The hallway carpets were dirty but my Lord...I wasn't sleeping on those and the public areas showed some signs of wear but my room was clean and comfortable. I have heard lots of complaints about the staff but that was not our experience. Everyone was very pleasant to us. I have found that if you approach people with a smile and a positive attitude that is usually get in return. When you start off negative and bitching right to start with and are hard to please, you can expect that in return. The pool area got crowed about noon but I got there at ten and had no problem finding a seat. The chaise lounges around the pool are getting in bad shape and need replacing but that was all I saw at the pool area that really bothered me. The water was clean and refreshing. Check in and out was smooth. I went straight to the "total rewards" desk and got the card that I had pre-registered for online and then proceeded over to the "rewards check in line and only had to wait a couple minutes. (that is a secret I read on "" reviews. It works....I liked the flamingo because it is smack dab in the middle of everything and We had room 12146 and had a view of the strip. I would return if I had the chance.
Liked: central location
Dis-Liked: dirty chaise lounges at the pool
Recommended activities: Beach / Sun, Atmosphere, Gambling / Casinos, Outdoor / Adventure
Recommended for: Young singles, Girlfriend getaway, Great pool scene
Would you recommend to your best friend? Most likely
Bus passes
Definitely get a twenty dollar Deuce bus pass. The strip is longer than you think. A twenty dollar pass is good for three days and you can use it to access all the hotels on the strip and you can ride it downtown to Fremont Street. You definitely want to go downtown to Fremont street. The gambling is better, the food is cheaper and the overhead light show is amazing and FREE...not something you hear much in Vegas.
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Flamingo is my new favorite vegas hotel!
Nick: flamingo fan
From: Renton,WA
Stayed: April, 2013
This is my new favorite! Our room overlooked the Flamingo garden near the pool. Though we booked the cheapest room it was great! The window went down to the floor and had a cool chaise to lie on while watching the people we and garden through 2 way glass. Each morning we swam at on ed of the 3 pools. Each pool was lovely.
We will definitely return.

Liked: pool
Dis-Liked: liked everything
Recommended activities: Beach / Sun, Atmosphere, Gambling / Casinos
Recommended for: Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Girlfriend getaway, People with disabilities, Older travelers, Great pool scene, Families with young children, Families with teenagers, Tourists
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
Flamingo is best
Flamingos is in a great location and a super value for your money. Great pool!
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The location of The Flamingo Hotel is fantastic.
Nick: Pidge
From: Melbourne, Australia
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: November, 2012
Location wise, is spot on. Right in the middle of everything, turn left, turn right, it didn't matter. I had a hire car too so there was ample parking - most of the time. My room was very spacious with 2 large beds, a lounge and table. Plenty of drawer space. I did not hear noise from other rooms. Although I did not have a view of the strip, I did not go there to sit in my room and look out a window :) The staff were courteous, I really couldn't fault this highly recommended hotel, remember, it was not expensive for the 5 night stay - very happy :)
Liked: spaciousness of my room
Recommended activities: Other
Recommended for: Young singles, Girlfriend getaway, Older travelers, Families with teenagers, Tourists
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
Bookings for shows before travel
My friend I went with last year wanted to book shows before we left Australia so we knew what we were doing on each night beforehand. I paid him money and he used his credit card to pay for us and 2 other friends. I had been to Vegas before and knew there were 1/2 tix outside on the strip - they sold discounted tickets to shows for that evening. Yes you take a chance doing it this way as the show you want to see might be sold out but it is an excellent way to purchase tickets in the morning for a lesser price and with so many shows as an option. My friend had to pay for our tickets all over again as the "site" he purchased our show tickets had "gone out of business". He is still, after 8 months trying to re-coup his money. Pay for tickets WHEN YOU GET TO VEGAS. It is just too risky sometimes and you might get amazing deals when you are there :)
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GO Room Luxury Strip View is a joke ~ GO somewhere else!
Nick: FlamingoSucks
From: Long Beach, CA
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Stayed: March, 2013
Don't ever stay here. I paid extra & booked a GO luxury room with a strip view & got a side view of Bellagio & a full view of Bally's & a broken down hotel called Bills that was under construction. I couldn't even see Caesar's Palace from my window which was directly across the street, so you know this was definitely not a strip view. I am not one to complain, so i tried to just live with it, until early morning the next day when we woke to the sound of jackhammers & a wrecking crew. I called the front desk at around 8am & was told to call back between 11am-1pm to get a room change. I called back at 1230pm & they changed my room from the 25th floor, down to the 20th floor at the same side which made no sense because the noise level just got louder. As soon as I stepped in the room & noticed I was on the same side, I called guest services to tell them, I was placed on hold for over 10 minutes. Then after holding for that long, without any help, they said the manager will call me back within 15 minutes. I waited 20 minutes for that call & it never came. I called the front desk & asked to speak to the manager who was suppose to call me, a rude woman gets on the phone & tells me that since I waited so long in my new room & didn't leave right away, that I am not allowed to make any more room changes. I told her I called immediately, but they were the one who put me on hold & asked me to wait. She rudely insisted that there was nothing she could do & acted like I was lying. I told her to check their phone records, since supposedly things were being recorded & I then demanded to speak to higher management. The next manager offered to move my room to the pool view instead. The room was slightly bigger, but was identical to the previous room, but they acted as if they upgraded me, which is not the case at all ~ same room furniture & set up, nothing more.

Tip - GO luxury is not at all a luxury. Decorations was white & grey marble looking like the cemetery grave stones. Paying extra for a strip view was a rip off because in the end, they said it was not guaranteed anyways, even though they charged me for it. They advertised having a heated pool, but that is also false!
Liked: Location
Dis-Liked: Rude staff & false advertising
Recommended activities: Shopping
Would you recommend to your best friend? No way!
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Slowest check-in with rude Reservationists
Nick: Stacie915
From: Wisconsin
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: February, 2012
We stayed at the Flamingo back in Feb. 2012 for one night after staying at Mandalay Bay for 3 nights. We got to the Flamingo early (10:30 a.m) knowing we wouldn't get a room right away. BUT, the staff that waited on us when we got there were sooooo rude it was rediculous. They told us to come back at 1:00 so we checked our bags and roamed the strip which was just fine with us. We came back around 1:30 and of course the line was very long. We finally got to the front desk and our room wasn't ready again, which really wasn't a surprise again, but they were very rude and snide again. We ended up not getting into the room until around 5:00 p.m. which to me, that was very late for being there intially at 10:30 and people were getting rooms ahead of us. I don't ever complain too much, but checking in there was unbelievable. The room was nice and clean and the location was great!!!
Liked: Location and the room was nice
Dis-Liked: Slow checking in and rude staff at front desk
Recommended activities: Beach / Sun, Outdoor / Adventure, Shopping, Spa
Recommended for: Young singles, Families with teenagers
Would you recommend to your best friend? Probably not
Don't expect early check in!
Hopefully it's changed since we were there in February 2012, but the front desk staff were very rude and we arrived at 10:30 and didn't get in the room until 5:00 p.m. Don't expect early check or kind front desk staff.....too bad because the location was very nice!
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Go Room Luxury???This aint luxury, and you wanna Go........somewhere else
Nick: Gary
From: Vancouver B.C.
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: August, 2012
We are not pretentious snobs or spoiled rich kids. We do not expect or demand special treatment, we are not high rollers and we do not expect to be treated as such. We are your average blue collar husband and wife who work hard for every dollar we earn and we value that dollar. We have come to Vegas once a year for the last 6 years to get away from life, jobs, kids for a bit, to decompress from reality. We come to vegas to re-connect and to spoil ourselves a bit.

Each and every trip we have made a point to stay in a different hotel each and every vist to see where we get the best Vegas experience. Monte Carlo, Tropicana, Rio, Caesars Palace, and Flamingo THE FLAMINGO AINT IT!!!! Check in went well. We were in early so we left our bags at the Bell Desk rather than pay the extra $30.00 for early check in. The bell service was fast and courteous. The rest of the flamingo experience left something to be desired.

We began the booking process back in june, 2 months before we arrived. It took 4 electronic correspondances to get the correct room rate. There was also about an hour and a half of over the phone work done by my wife. Once we got to the elevators and up the level our room was on (20th floor) the first thing we noticed was the carpet looked like it had come from under the tables at The Excaliber Medival Experience. Filthy, I am talking dive motel trashed filthy dirty.

When we got to our room it was aparent immediately the room did not meet the criteria we had discussed with booking staff over the last 2 months prior to our arrival. I went back down to the front desk and explained there was an issue with the room and explained myself, very quietly and politely. The clerk was not rude, but I was given the impression she could care less and she was trying to brush us off and was very indifferent to the whole situation. We were given room keys to a couple other rooms that were even farther off the mark than the original room.

The pool area was nice, but it is very over rated. Even the air around the pool area felt stale and hot. The Pool is set up where there is not much for air circulation and the pool water was too warm to even be considered marginally refreshing. In the end we wound up staying in the original room and leaving very dis-satisfied. Hey, Flamingo Hotel, you are not the only show in town. Take your money somewhere else folks.
Liked: Nothing
Dis-Liked: Front desk staff, Pool area, Room
Recommended activities: Beach / Sun, Other
Would you recommend to your best friend? No way!
If you are staying here lower your expectations.
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Great Location, Great price, Great pool
Nick: DTX75220
From: Dallas, TX
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: June, 2011
Overall a very nice stay, used the self check in while hundreds stood in line. Checked in less than 5 minutes. Carpet in the hallways are road hard, room was totally new. Great beds, cute styling clean. House keeping in the hall way every day, very helpful. Like other comments, you must be in line at the pool by 8am for chair. Many people put towels on the chairs to save them all day, and then never show up. It's a mob scene, but a great pool.

The location was perfect, no rental car needed. The price was right, purchased the 24 hour food buffet card. Long waits in line, but the buffets were great. Good value. Will return.
Liked: price, location
Dis-Liked: crowded
Recommended activities: Beach / Sun, Museums / Cultural, Outdoor / Adventure, Spa
Recommended for: Young singles, Girlfriend getaway, People with disabilities, Older travelers, Great pool scene, Tourists
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
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not a very pleasant stay
Nick: yesi
From: tucson az
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: July, 2012
We got to the hotel room anda the hallway looks very getto inside the room the sheets are ripped, the bathtub is rusted. we asked to get the sheets changed and no body came and we called three times no service!!! also we went to see if we could get a new room and they said no supposably they were all booked ..... Will not stay here again....
Liked: close to all other casino great location
Dis-Liked: room and service
Would you recommend to your best friend? No way!
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From: vancouver bc
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: December, 2011
had a great time, paid only 25dollars a night, for the price room was good upgraded to the go rooms on the last night really nice rooms, good customer service,
Liked: go room awsome
Dis-Liked: carpet dirty
Recommended activities: Gambling / Casinos
Recommended for: Young singles, Great pool scene, Families with young children, Families with teenagers
Would you recommend to your best friend? Most likely
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