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"Smoking Optional"
Nick: PokerUtah
From: Utah
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: February, 2010
Booked a non-smoking room, checked in, and found my key did not work. Went back downstairs and found the woman had put me into the Wynn hotel rather than the Encore. Went back up, key still did not work. Found a maid to let us in, called down to the lobby they said they'd send up new keys immediately. After 45 minutes went down and got new keys from the desk. Back up and noticed the room reeked of cigarettes. Called down and found out I was in a smoking room and floor (20th floor). I told the front desk woman I had booked and was (putatively) given a non smoking room and was told it was not a "smoking room' but rather a 'smoking optional" room. Okay, I understand they don't come up to the room and force the guests to smoke, so I do get that the smoking part is optional, but it still smelled pungent. She said they could put me in a room on the 2nd floor (ooh, what a view!), but at this point I was exhausted and just endured. Never again!
Liked: Lovely room and view
Dis-Liked: The service
Recommended activities: Great food / Wine, Gambling / Casinos, Shopping
Would you recommend to your best friend? No way!
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Nick: Pete
From: Milwaukee, WI
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: October, 2009
Went up to the check in and tried the $50 sandwich but the guy didn't take it but gave me a upgrade anyway with a panoramic view!!! What a room! By far the best room I have ever stayed in!!!
Dis-Liked: nothing,everything was great!!!
Recommended activities: Atmosphere, Gambling / Casinos, Shopping, Sporting event
Recommended for: Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Girlfriend getaway, People with disabilities, Older travelers, Tourists
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
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Review is the opinion of a member and not of