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Pool Hours: Daily 9:00am - 7:00pm
Entry Rules: Complimentary for hotel guests. Non-hotel guests must reserve a lounge chair, daybed or cabana (starts at $20).
Number Of Pools: Seven pools.
Jacuzzi: Two.
Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors.
Size of Pool Area: 5 acres.
Heated: Yes.
Towel Service: Yes.
Poolside WiFi: No.
Pool Landscape: Roman architecture, spacious, decorative concrete.
Vibe, Energy: Varies for each pool, ranges from party atmosphere to secluded.
Water Features: Fountains, waterfall.
Food & Drink Service: Yes, personal beverage service and walk-up bars are available.
Amenities: Swim-up blackjack, Roman statues, chilled towels, poolside spa services by Qua Baths & Spa.
Chairs & Chaises: Yes, free for hotel guests on first come first serve basis but can also be reserved.
Cabanas & Daybeds: Yes, cabanas and daybeds available for booking.
Family Friendly: Jupiter pool is family friendly.
Adult Only 21+ Area: Yes.
Pool Club: Venus Pool Club.
Pool Club Admission: Starts at $20 for lounge chairs.
Caesars Palace Pool Review: The ancient Romans revered water and built sumptuous public baths to harness its healing powers. At Caesars Palace, you can enjoy those glorious havens with a five acre Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. It's truly a place fit for the gods, and an even better place to relax and socialize.

Fortuna Pool: The Roman goddess of luck beckons you to try yours at this action-packed pool, so play a few hands of swim-up blackjack. The chill spot features overhead shade and a circular view of the rest of the oasis.

Jupiter Pool: Designated for The Laurel Collection guests, the Jupiter Pool is secluded in the northwest corner of the Garden of the Gods. Relax your way in one of five cabanas, eight day beds, three Scoop day beds or chaise lounge chairs surrounding this blissful pool.

Temple Pool: The circular Temple Pool is the focal point of the area with its 10,000 square feet of flowing water and is covered with a giant rotunda that tops a central island. As with all our pools, the temple pool is decorated with fine marble and granite and rimmed with ancient mosaics.

Neptune Pool: This 5,000-square-foot rectangular heated pool is ideal for lap swimming. This pool has three newly-constructed, lavish cabanas available for a daily rental.

Venus European Pool Club: The ideal spot for perfecting one's tan or resting up for a night of partying at PURE Nightclub; Venus Pool Club serves as a serene alternative to the chaotic pace of traditional Las Vegas pool parties. European-style topless bathing is permitted at this pool.
Phone: 702.731.7280