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Pool Hours: Daily 9:00am - 5:00pm.
Entry Rules: Complimentary for hotel guests. Non-hotel guests must reserve a lounge chair, daybed or cabana (starts at $20).
Number Of Pools: Seven pools.
Jacuzzi: Two.
Indoors/Outdoors: Outdoors.
Size of Pool Area: 5 acres.
Heated: Yes.
Towel Service: Yes.
Poolside WiFi: No.
Pool Landscape: Roman architecture, spacious, decorative concrete.
Vibe, Energy: Varies for each pool, ranges from party atmosphere to secluded.
Water Features: Fountains, waterfall.
Food & Drink Service: Yes, personal beverage service and walk-up bars are available.
Amenities: Swim-up blackjack, Roman statues, chilled towels, poolside spa services by Qua Baths & Spa.
Chairs & Chaises: Yes, free for hotel guests on first come first serve basis but can also be reserved.
Cabanas & Daybeds: Yes, cabanas and daybeds available for booking.
Family Friendly: Jupiter pool is family friendly.
Adult Only 21+ Area: Yes.
Pool Club: Venus Pool Club.
Pool Club Admission: Starts at $20 for lounge chairs.
Caesars Palace Pool Review: The ancient Romans revered water and built sumptuous public baths to harness its healing powers. At Caesars Palace, you can enjoy those glorious havens with a five acre Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. It's truly a place fit for the gods, and an even better place to relax and socialize.
Phone: 702.731.7280