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Outstanding Aria!
Nick: GloriaN
From: New Jersey
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: August, 2011
We travel to Vegas on business and/or vacation several times a year and are very picky about our accommodations. Aria not only met but exceeded our expectations. We LOVED the corner suite and found the staff incredibly upbeat, positive and responsive. The housekeeping was outstanding -- timely and thorough. The restaurants were excellent and we had a carefree and outstanding time. We will be back!
Liked: The corner suite
Dis-Liked: Location was not as convenient as we expected
Recommended activities: Atmosphere
Recommended for: Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Older travelers, Tourists
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
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Overall Exprience:
Stayed: August, 2010
Recommended activities: Beach / Sun, Atmosphere, Gambling / Casinos, Shopping, Spa
Recommended for: Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Girlfriend getaway, Older travelers, Great pool scene
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
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Great time at Aria
Nick: vinrib
From: Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: May, 2010
We had a wonderful time at Aria. Great staff, modern architecture, excellent pool place and unforgettable Elvis Cirque de Soleil show.
Liked: modern architecture
Dis-Liked: none
Recommended activities: Great food / Wine, Atmosphere
Recommended for: Young singles, An amazing honeymoon, A romantic getaway, Girlfriend getaway, Great pool scene, Tourists
Would you recommend to your best friend? Absolutely!
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Stay at Aria if you want to get stoned
Nick: firkin
From: orlando, fl
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: February, 2011
This was our second stay at Aria. First trip was great. This trip was ok other than the POT smell in our room and also in the hallways. The front desk's attitude about the smell was disappointing. Although they eventually moved us to a different floor, there were no other concessions made until I pitched a fit. After arguing with them, they finally conceded to one night's room rate credit. Their excuse for the pot smell, which by the way was coming from a connecting room, was that we were on a smoking floor, we were in Vegas and people smoke pot in Vegas. For the price of their rooms and the attention to detail in the resort, you would think their outlook on condoning illegal activities would be different. We were made to feel as though we had done something wrong and the people in the connecting room were allowed to continue their stay uninterupted. We were there celebrating our daughter's 21st birthday and having her stoned was not supposed to be part of the celebration. Waiting for an Aria executive to call with an apology but not holding my breath. Too bad, Aria is a beautiful resort.
Liked: The resort itself is beautiful
Dis-Liked: The constant pot smell in the hotel
Recommended activities: Great food / Wine, Gambling / Casinos, Shopping
Would you recommend to your best friend? Probably not
Think twice about being on a smoking floor
If you are a smoker, double check to make sure they are only allowing cigarette smoking. The pot smell will make you sick.
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Nice Hotel on the Strip could use some tweeking....
Nick: Purplevalentine
From: Mt.Rainer, MD
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: July, 2010
Overall I enjoyed my stay at the Aria. I stayed a total of three nights in an Aria Corner Suite. I absolutely LOVED the room. First I have to say I had a bad check in experience. I was originally assigned a room on the 32nd floor. Once I arrived at the room the room was a MESS! I almost thought i was walking in on some other guest. Obviously the room hadn't been serviced yet. I had to walk back down stairs to the front desk. Fortunately the next front desk agent gave me a bit of an upgrade for my trouble. I went from a Corner Suite Mountain view to a Corner Suite Strip view on the 17th floor. All the confusion sort of ruined the "Room Greeting" experience. Even after arriving in my new room my living area TV was frozen. I didn't get the full "Room Greeting Experience". I didn't bother complaining at this point since the bedroom TV worked fine and I was able to use the touch screen from that room.

My positives -are that of course the ARIA is right on the strip and in a relatively central location. A part of the new City Center complex so everything is brand spanking new. Easy access to Monte Carlo or the Bellagio with the new City Center Tram and easy walk into the new mall Crystals. Hotel design was very modern and this is a very Eco-Friendly hotel. Loved the control panel in the room that controls EVERYTHING. You can open/close binds, turn on/off lights, control the TV, just about everything. I also ate at the Buffet twice, once for breakfast and once for lunch. Food was good, i enjoyed it.

My negatives - extremely LONG hallways. My room was near the end of the hallway. It was an extremely long walk from the elevators. It seems to me that they have one central bank of elevators in the middle of the building. I felt like it took me 5 good minutes just to walk from my room to the elevator. This was really annoying at the end of the day when you've walked around and are tired! You know you are almost to your room but you still have a long way to go! Definitely request a room near the elevator if that's a problem for you. Besides my room mix up (which was quickly corrected) the only other complaint i have was the service at Jean Phillipe's. First trip for gelatto was fine but my second for a salad was slow. Can't say they were busy at the time, it was just me. The attendee was just very slow at acknowledging my presence!!

Overall it was a good experience and I would definitely stay there again if given a great deal.
Liked: Location and Tech Savvy Room
Dis-Liked: Long Hallways - Service at Jean Phillpe's
Recommended activities: Concerts / Music, Shopping
Recommended for: Young singles, Girlfriend getaway
Would you recommend to your best friend? Most likely
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Disappointed with the Aria
Nick: John
From: Mpls, MN
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: October, 2010
I was very disappointed and would not recommend staying here. If you are paying a lot for a room and expect good service, don’t go to the Aria. We stayed here in February 2010 and it was OK not great. We tried it again on our last trip Oct 24, 2010 (our 3rd trip to Vegas this year) and it was bad was. This is a new property and they need more time to learn how to treat people well. I am sure they will get better.

The hotel looks great but I had poor service over and over. It started with a crabby supervisor at the front desk; the sports book forgot who the customer was, and if you do not have 30 minutes to wait in line for AM coffee forget it.

On the positive side, the building looks great and the phone registration person was helpful.
Liked: Nice building
Dis-Liked: Their service
Recommended activities: Atmosphere, Gambling / Casinos
Would you recommend to your best friend? No way!
You can do better
This is a new property and they need a little more time to learn how to treat people well. I am sure they will get better with time.
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Poor Housekeeping!
From: Washington, DC
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: November, 2010
When I first arrived at the Aria, I was excpecting nothing but luxury. Well, that wasn't by far the case. This is a beautiful hotel from the outside but the hallways are very dark and dreary. My room was dirty. The carpet wasn't vacuumed, the bed spread was filthy dirty and had snaggs, the wash clothes were dingy and the window seal was full of dust. I called house keeping to request clean linens and they brought me a blanket that looked like they just pulled it out of a clothes basket. It was full of wrinkles and very unappealing. This is suppose to be a 5 star hotel but I would give it a 3.
Liked: the city views and large floor to ceiling windows
Dis-Liked: housekeeping
Recommended activities: Atmosphere
Recommended for: Young singles
Would you recommend to your best friend? No way!
Don't buy your show tickets in advance
There are ticket centers on the strip that sells tickets at discounted prices (Tix 4 Tonight.) They have great deals on show and dinner tickets! If you get in line 30 minutes b4 they open, you will save a lot of time. There's is buffet at Rio called "Carnival World Buffet". It's awesome! If you stay on the strip, bring your walking shoes because there is a lot of walking if you plan to visit other casinos.
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A Review From The Aria As Were Living It
Nick: Mgr/CEO M.I Inc
From: Everywhere USA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: August, 2010
We are currently at Aria as i write this. The Penthouse is approximately 1/2 the size we were told it was. The food is inconsistant...we ordered the same food 3 times and it was different all 3 times, both in portions and how it was prepared. Their are burned out lights in the room, a broken mirror, broken decor, the sink doesnt drain properly, the jacuzzi tub doesnt work, the batteries are dead in the cordless phone, the on screen guide for the tv doesnt load most of the time, their are big stains on thesofa, etc...theres alot more i can say but this should be enough. We have called VIP services and gotten no repairs to the tub, the sink, the bulbs, etc.. and they just make excuses for the consistancy in the food blaming it on everything from late deliveries to a new cook. Weve spent $9000.00 in the casino in 7 hours and we get treated like bums off the street.
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first time at aria
Nick: arad
From: Somewhere, CA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: July, 2010
Nice location and setup.... room was great and just enough for two of us. Dont move any of the over priced snack for more then 30 sec or they will charge you. Simple call fix the issue but senors on snacks is little bit over using technology. Safe is nice, fridge was not opening, even after the call to front desk. Tv channels were limited (worst then home tv). Technology was really nice in the room (one lcd remote controlled the whole room.). Casino is nice since I made enough to cover my stay. Buffet is better then anywhere I have been. Classy restaurant was alright, could be better. Pools are nice but over crowded. Overall the place is great and I will go there again. Just watch out for the rude taxi drivers, I yelled at one for being rude and then asking for a tip.
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Nick: anubis
From: L A
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: May, 2010
This was my second stay @ Aria. I tried again because my first stay in Feb did not allow time for them to be together. Well, the room is really nice. Most people are very nice. Nobody, repeat nobody, has any idea what they are doing or where anything is. Beds are great but you can’t get a thing done easily; like safes that don’t work, amenities, bathrobes etc. not there. Overall very frustrating place to stay. Coffee shop is very good and nice as is the cafe at the pool. They are very very slow but maybe some day.
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