Le Village Buffet Details
A departure from the traditional Las Vegas-style buffet, this extraordinary dining experience takes buffet dining to a higher echelon by featuring live-action stations, the freshest ingredients and food cooked to order in a remarkable French village settings.
Hours: (Open Daily) 7am - 10pm
   Breakfast - (Daily) 7am - 10am
   Brunch - (Daily) 10am - 3pm
   Dinner - (Weekdays) 3pm - 10pm
   Dinner - (Weekend) 3pm - 11pm
Price range: $25 - $40
Cuisine: Buffet, French
Attire: Casual
Reservations: Not required
Brunch: Available Saturday and Sunday
Location: Paris casino level

More Information
Le Village Buffet brings to life five provinces of France through culinary expertise and visual attention to detail. Each station is themed for a particular province and features an intricate facade designed to replicate the architecture of that region. Meals are prepared as they are ordered to ensure the quality and freshness of each selection. A large selection of pastries, pies and an assortment of sugar-free delicacies are offered from the buffet's dessert station. Two of our newest cooking stations include La Raclette, which comes from the French word racler, meaning "to scrape." La Raclette features dishes made of melted cheese accompanied by a medley of cured meats, steamed potatoes, assorted vegetables and French bread. La Grillade (grill), another new station, is displayed in the window of the buffet for passersby on Le Boulevard to see and features a selection of assorted skewers of meat, seafood and sausages grilled to perfection. You'll dine in a village-like setting, where you may choose to eat outside in the town square or in a casual dining room by a fireplace. Each province's cottage dining room is decorated for the region.