Dining Tips

Tipping at the end of dinner
Like in the rest of the US, in Las Vegas tips are not included in the bill. Some people rely exclusively on tips for their work. As a general guide, in bars and restaurants, the norm is a minimum of 20% of the bill.
Las Vegas Drinking Age
Drinking laws are strict in the USA and if you are under 21 you will not be able to buy alcohol. If you are over 21 but look younger, you will need to carry some identity with you to prove your age.
Food preparation guidelines in Vegas
Food preparation guidelines in Las Vegas are among the strictest in the world, but when you're dealing with the sheer volume that this city is, you're bound to run into trouble every now and then. All restaurants are required by law to display a health certificate and letter grade (A, B, or C) that indicates how well they did on their last inspection. An A grade doesn't mean you will never get food poisoning, but it does mean they do a better-than-average job in the kitchen.
Getting a place at a nice restaurant
There are tricks to surviving dining in Vegas. If you can, make reservations in advance, particularly for the better restaurants (you might get to town, planning to check out some of the better spots, only to find that they are totally booked throughout your stay). Eat during off-hours when you can. Know that noon to, say, 1:30 or 2pm is going to be prime time for lunch, and 5:30 to 8:30pm (and just after the early shows get out) for dinner.
Family Friendly Restaurants
Buffets: Cheap meals for the entire family. Kids can choose what ever they like, and sometimes you can find make-your-own sundae machines.

Cypress Street Marketplace: Caesars Palace's food court (stylish enough to offer real plates and cloth napkins) you'll find a range of food (from very good hot dogs to Vietnamese noodles to wrap sandwiches) wide enough to ensure that everyone will all find something that appeals, at affordable prices.

Hard Rock Cafe: Kids love this restaurant, which throbs with excitement and is filled with rock memorabilia.

Fellini's: With a menu that admittedly veers towards Italian-American rather than authentic food from the motherland, this is all the more appropriate for families, who probably want a good red sauce pasta dish and some solid pizza rather than anything more elaborate.

Pink Pony: This circus-motif 24-hour coffee shop located at the Circus Circus will appeal to kids. Parents can rest while the kids race upstairs to watch circus acts and play carnival games.

Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery: Despite the "pub" part of the name, this noisy place in the Monte Carlo hotel has many TVs to distract short-attention kids and brooding teenagers, all of whom will like the barbecue, pizza, and chicken fingers. Parents will be pleased with the low prices.

Sherwood Forest Café: Kids love to climb on the lavender dragons fronting this 24-hour coffee shop at Excalibur, and they can also find numerous child activities.

Rainforest Café: Kids love this place, its like eating in the Jungle Book ride at Disneyland. Thunder wails ,animals howl, everywhere there is something to marvel at. There is a kids menu, and they might even learn a little bit about the environment.

Toto's: This Mexican restaurant that features enormous portions served family style is a casual place favored by locals.

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