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Don't waste your money
Nick: Disappointed
From: Canada
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: January, 2016
Thank goodness we didn't have to pay for our tickets. This is the worst cirque show in Vegas. Having seen the others first, KA was disappointing. It was a more astsy show rather than the jaw dropping arcobatic performances. If you haven't seen a cirque show before, I would recommend watching Ka first otherwise don't expect Ka to be anything like the others.
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Aweful. Terrible. Waste of money. Boring.
Nick: Brian
From: Salt Lake City, UT
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: December, 2015
I would give this 0 stars if that were an option. But hardly and acrobatics, and cool stuff that you wouldn't see every day. But instead, lots of fake fighting and short skits. I wish I could've got my money back. They focused more on the story and having that make sense, rather than showing cool acts and acrobatics. Zarkana, Mystere, or Le Reve, make Kà look like an act performed by kids. I would reccomend seeing Mystere for what your paying to see Kà, and if you want to spent a little more money, Zarkana was the best one I've seen! Kà sucked, and I'm very dissapointed about it.
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stay away
Nick: Rickylee
From: edmonton, alberta
Overall Exprience:
what a waste of money. I was looking for an exit door early in the show and caught mysef wanting to falll asleep. this was my first time at a cirque du soleil and was expecting an exciting arial show. boring boring boring.
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Wow! What a let down!
Nick: JT
From: Valdosta, GA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: March, 2014
Our 5th Cirque du Soleil and by far the worst! Yes the stage was spectacular and a couple of the acts made you say Wow, but the overall theme was straight out of a REALLY BAD Chinese movie. Parts uneventfully dragged and put my wife to sleep. Don't waste you hard earned cash....go to ANY other Soleil !
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Money Well Wasted
Nick: Lynette
From: Texas
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: June, 2014
Spent about $250 for a set of tickets. We were very excited as this was our first Cirque show. Costumes were outstanding, choreography was suburb. But my husband and I couldn't help but doze off from time to time. The show dragged and lacked excitement. Also, one of the last acts was laser projected on to a screen. Lame. Overall, we were disappointed with the show.
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So Disapointing
Nick: GreigW
From: Tampa, Fl
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: February, 2014
Ka use to be my favorite show in Vegas but now they have cut out the ending showing a lame laser version instead, it is so disappointing and not worth seeing anymore. It is false advertising that they are not telling people about this change. So sad.
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A must see
Nick: sutnamicubano
From: Miami, FL
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: October, 2013
I saw 3 cirque du solei shows during my trip to Las Vegas. This is by far my favorite.It is not so much about the acrobatics but about a story, with plenty of effects to keep your eyes bouncing around the giant theater.
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Boring but only a bit nice
Nick: Zahra123
From: London UK
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: June, A While Back
The show was a bit dissapointing... I only liked some parts like the effects
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Cirque does not disappoint!
Nick: cmwright
From: Galt, CA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: May, 2012
This is our 4th Cirque show and have never been disappointed. Some are more about the music, some have dramatic story lines, and some are pure stunts. KA was a wonderful blend of story and amazing acrobatics.
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Dont let the Cirque Du Soleil trailers fool you
Nick: Toni
From: Las vegas, Nevada
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: April, 2012
My mother and I saw KA at the MGM. For two tickets it was 248.90, the seats we had were very good though, we could see the stage perfectly at row R. I was dissapointed with the performance it was too much story and not alot of acrobatic "circus" stuff. The only act that i thought was incredible was the death swing. Personally i wouldnt see it again or if i knew the show was gonna be like that I wouldnt have bought tickets. Phantom of the Opera was much more impressive, and cheaper. I would have watched it twice than seeing Cirque Du Soleil.
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