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Great Show!
Nick: crystal
From: Oxnard, CA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: March, 2013
Was our first time going to a show in vegas, we went for our 6 yr anniversary the show was a blast we sat in the front row. Best part was the end being completely covered in TP
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Soooooooooooooooo Entertaining !!!
Nick: Kayjay
From: United Kingdom
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: September, 2012
Went with a mate who had seen them before.... I must admit I entered with curiosity and an open mind... Within five minutes I was IN.... LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT !!!!!!!
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Good show but come with an open mind
Nick: kk
From: boston, ma
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: February, 2010
I really like the blue man group and have seen them more than once, I've sent my parents to see their show in Europe and they didn't like it at all. I guess its like going to a modern art museum and not understanding what all the fuss is about. Doesn't matter if you like it or not you have to admit its different than anything you've seen before.
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Nick: Lynn
From: San Francisco, CA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: October, 2010
Blue Man Group must not have enough talent for a whole show. Too much idiotic audience participation . Should rename - Audience & Blue Man Group. Paid less to see KA which is 10,000 times better - theater, props, talent , creativity etc.(no audience participation) Must say the Blue Man Group background drummer was awesome - spent more time watching him! Wish I read the previous negative reviews before purchasing tix.
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Nick: Ellie
From: Sylvan Lake, AB, CAN
Overall Exprience:
We had seats front centre 3 rows back in the poncho section. If it was just water that hit me I wouldn't mind but I think it was banana pudding & I had it all over the side of my face & in my hair. I just wanted to go wash it off. If you like a lot of the same thing go for it. There was some really funny parts but over all not so good. DON'T GET A SEAT FRONT CENTRE.
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Bored to tears
Nick: Trace
From: Dallas, TX
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: March, 2006
My brother and I picked this show thinking it must be good if we were paying so much to see it. We wanted to leave after 10 minutes into the show, but we knew we wouldn't get our money back so we stayed.
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Best Show in Vegas!!!
Nick: Pitufo00
From: Madrid, Spain
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: August, 2009
I've been to other shows in Vegas like Ká (great show too, impressive stage) but this is by far the most entertaining!!! we were laughing and clapping our hands the whole time!!! I will see it again as soon as I can!!! Fantastic!!!
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Very Entertaining
Nick: Rav
From: TX
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: July, 2009
I went to this show on a recommendation from a friend. It was a very entertaining show. Look for video on youtube or online to get an idea of what to expect. I got discount tickets from here. To really get the experience, go for the poncho seats. They're cheaper and you can be front row. I was at the far left and still had a great view. Enjoyed this show so much I'm going back in September. Its a great show for a great price if you shop with the discount.
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Not worth the money
Nick: kick
From: LA,CA
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: July, 2009
After seeing wonderful reviews, we went to this show but got thoroughly disappointed. Except for few good moments the show lacks the pace and boring. Definitely not worth the money. probably you can see this if you get a 50% off.
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The one show you can't miss
Nick: monty
From: california
Overall Exprience:
Stayed: February, 2008
The interaction with the audience, the heavy bass/rock music and stunning visual effects combine to make you one with the performance. The time flies by, leaving you wanting more. I've seen this performance seven times over many years and still see something new. Trust me, I've been dragged to some of the other headliner shows and was sorry I had spent the money for a waste of my time. You will enjoy yourself!
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